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Reduce your carbon footprint & energy dependence while helping the less fortunate
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Carbon Footprinting & Offsetting Solutions

The inevitable truth facing us is that people, profits and the planet are inextricably linked. There is mounting evidence that our activities are contributing significantly to global warming and this is a real and serious threat to our planet and survival. Our current path is not sustainable and everyone has a role to play in fighting climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Our single focus at CarbonFootprint360.com in our collective journey to sustainability is clear. Itís to help businesses and individuals calculate their carbon footprint, supply green solutions to reduce greenhouse gases, and to provide low cost transparent carbon offsets you can trust to balance unavoidable climate change pollution. Our solutions are uniquely designed to help reduce your carbon footprint and energy dependence immediately while helping the less fortunate and saving money.

Green Products for Reducing your Carbon Footprint & Fighting Climate Change

Air Sanitizer Toothbrush Sanitizer Pest Control Solar Rodent Repeller

Quick Carbon Offset

Carbon Footprint Calculators

Our user friendly Carbon Footprint Calculators are based on the latest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions science and reliable protocols from the well respected World Resources Institute (WRI) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so you can have confidence in the results.
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Carbon Offsets

Our unique Carbon Offset Programs empower you to donate energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and use the resulting energy savings to offset your carbon emissions. We make becoming carbon neutral and fighting climate change as easy as changing light bulbs!
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